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Advice Needed: Which amplifier?


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Hey AVF!

So, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to Audio.

A few years back I became owner of a pair of JPW floorstanding things..


I had an amplifier at the time that worked sublimely with them. Since moving country a few times, the amplifier has gone walkabouts.

I replaced it, seemingly naively, with this:

A-209R (Archived) - Pioneer UK

Please feel free to mock, poke and laugh at the Gamer nerd :D I deserve it.

Never the less, that amplifier lasted about 2 months before I blew one of the channels. (speakers lived thankfully).

Now, could you find folk give me pointers on what went wrong, and where one might find a suitable, yet not bank breaking amplifier to get those JPWs back up and beating again?



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Have you had the speakers checked? I had a pair that blew one channel of an amp, wasn't the amp at fault.

Any budget in mind? Used OK?



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Well, I'd be happy to part with a couple of hundred Eurodollars (or quid, whichever really!). Used is also fine, but risky of course.

I've not had them checked as it goes, which could be worthwhile given what you say.

I don't really understand much about amplifiers/speakers and what all the numbers mean in relation to each other.

Was the amp I linked up to the job of ragging those floorstanders?


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How loud did you go with it, if you push too hard you get a thing called clipping which can damage things,, you get a distorted sound, some amps like NAD have protection against it or at least they used to do I think they called it soft clipping mode, it stopped the distortion happening


I was told a long time ago it's better to have a powerful amp i.e. more Watts running easy than a low power one being pushed hard all the time

Looking at the specs I'd have said the Pioneer should have been fine.

Couple hundred quid for a used integrated, loads and loads of choice, Audiolab, Arcam, Denon, Rotel, Rega, Marantz, NAD etc etc. eBay has heaps to choose from Sevenoaks are doing some deals Hi Fi & Audio, Amplifiers | Sevenoaks Sound and Vision

If you buy off forums like here, Wigwam and PFM you can usually get most of your money back selling on, good way to hear different gear if it's a hassle getting to a shop. Also there are a lot of shops who sell used stuff and give a warranty, pay a bit more but you get peace of mind. I think there's a sticky listing used hifi shops

You could swap the speakers over and see if the amp blows the other channel, bit of a risk though, I'd go to a repair shop and get them to test them maybe get a quote for the amp repair at the same time, it might be cheap to fix, you can always eBay it after :)


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I broke it in, as in I didnt heave it right up from day one, but after a couple of months of gentle daily use I did crank it up a little when doing the housework, and pow, the right channel fizzed out.

I swapped them over to see if it was the channel or the speaker, and when reversed I saw the same results. The right channel was dead, but the left was ok.

I live in Ireland at the moment, so I'll have to do some more local research. The only place I found so far here is pixmania.ie..

Cheers though Gus! Much appreciated feller


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First can we assume you are now in the UK, and if not, where are you?

That Pioneer amp should have been fine with those speakers. And as basic amps go, it should also have been fine.

As to what caused the problem, that is unclear. Could be a flaw in the amp? Did you purchase new, and how long have you had it? Perhaps it can be replaced under warranty?

Next, absolutely positively check your speaker wiring to make sure you don't have a stray stand of wire shorting the speaker terminals.

Probably the best deals on an amp right now are the Yamaha AS300 (60w/ch) ~£199, and the Yamaha AS500 (85w/ch) as low as £230 from the right source.

The Marantz PM6004, though only 45w/ch, has been a very good amp for many people, and is well regarded at £250.

Also look at Harman Kardon and Denon. Also Onkyo, I have a couple of Onkyo Stereo Receivers and they are fine amps for the money.

Most amps have protection circuits, so if the amp overheats, or encounters a short, or similar, the amp will simply shut itself down. So, it is puzzling that one amp channel completely blew.

For those wanting a better picture of the Speaker, here is what came up on a Google Image search -

[ame=http://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=off&hl=en&site=imghp&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1024&bih=611&q=JPW+ml910&oq=JPW+ml910&gs_l=img.12..0i24.2580.2580.0.4012.]JPW ml910 - Google Search[/ame]

Looks like a pretty straight forward 3-way floorstanding speaker.



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I live in Ireland presently. My old amp is in the UK somewhere though.

I bought it brand new from Pixmania, about 18-20 months maybe? It actually popped after about 4 months, but I just resigned to the fact I had not done adequate research. I didn't think the warranty covered this kind of thing.

Thanks for the pointers :)

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