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I’ve started on the long, but enjoyable road of IOT devices, by purchasing a Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect and some TP lInk smart plugs.
(The smart plugs activate strip-lights underneath the TV presses – on at sunset off at 11pm)

I also have 2 x TP Link (2 Ethernet Port) Pass-through Powerline Plugs
One connected to the modem/router and the other in the living room connecting a TV and Sat Receiver

Now I’d like to automate the following and need advice re same;
  • lighting in my hall
  • fit an outside light & sensor over the front door,
  • and in the very near future add some security devices
(door & window motion sensors and a bell box alarm)

Hall Lighting: (see pics 1 & 2):

At the moment there’s 5 x gu10 bulbs, activated by the 1st switch from the left (see pic1)
The 2nd switch activates a non-smart, PIR-connected bulb inside the porch.

I haven’t a clue if there's neutral wire behind the switch?
As I understand it, no neutral wire means a hub/bridge is required??

If I have to purchase a Hue/Bridge then a must for me is that it is Google/Nest compatible

If the light switch can be replaced with a smart type (but no Hue/bridge) – then what’s best ??

I’d like the lights here to turn on, post sunset/dusk under various scenarios and they should turn off if no one is in the hall after 1 minute.

Light switch Pics:





Porch – Outdoor Sensor & Light:
Inside, the porch has one electrical socket, which I’m replacing with a double.
(At the moment my modem/router is here but I’m moving it into the kitchen).
Plan is to connect another TP-Link Powerline plug but this one will have built in WiFi extender.

What I’d like to create here is that when, from dusk/sunset onwards, someone approaches the front door from the outside, the new outdoor sensor activates the new light and if possible one of the living room strip-lights turns off & then back on.

Also, from the inside, when someone approaches / opens the front door, the outdoor light is activated

Re-wiring the light switches is not an option & if possible I’d prefer not to go the Hub/bridge route (cost wise) but if it simplifies/future proofs overall what I want to do, then so be it.

Decisions to be made prior to the “discounts” that comes with black-Friday don’t you know.

Such 3rd world problems !!!


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I think you have no choice but to fit the Hue bridge. But doing what you want is very easy to do once you have the bridge.

I have a (fairly) similar set up in my home (but many more lights). In the hallway there are 3 light switches, I've left them all on and put Hue dimmers over the top mounted into Samotech switch adapters. I also have a pair of motion sensors in the hallway (L shaped hall) and there's two lights, on near kitchen and one near bedrooms (bungalow) and have one sensor activating one light each (so in eve the one near kitchen doesn't come on if kids wake up needing toilet etc).

For the outside, where I am now I just have an old fashioned PIR light but before we moved I had one Hue sensor above the front door which turned on the porch light when it detected anyone entering the front garden. You can have the sensors linked to just one light or all your lights if you like.

Also, with the Hue Bridge, it all connects and is controllable through Google Home.

Bear in mind, buying Hue bulbs is addictive once you have the Hub. Last black Friday I bought a deal for 2 colour bulbs, the bridge and a Google Home Mini, all for £89. Within the next 2 months I added TV Hue Strip lights, another 4 colour bulbs, two white bulbs, about 6 dimmer switches and 2 motion sensors! :laugh:
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This is the deal I got last year, it's £185 currently at Currys!

Keep an eye on it and they might do another Black Friday offer.



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Thanks so much for your input Robothamster, me thinks I shall be flexing my reluctant-to-flex credit card very very soon :D

Might start off with the hub and some GU10 (x) for the hall and ahh take things from there....
Thanks again :clap:

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From a security point of view , I found this interesting read regarding Nest and compatible Hubs/protocols - it maybe of help to others
That is a very old article. Google have now shut down the 'works with nest' and now no longer use the old Nest API. The new Google Home API which has replaced it has not been published and is only being given to a very small select client base.

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