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Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by Chris40, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Hi to all..ive got a big problem with my plasma..ive had it since march 2003.In April 2004,a month after the guarentee ran out,the fuse in the plug blew,i changed the fuse but only the sound came back but no picture! I`ve had it in for repairs only to be told that there was a problem with the Y sus board and that it would have to be sent to Sony in Yorkshire to be fixed at a cost of around 300 quid! So now ive got a once great plasma gathering dust,not sure what to do,is it worth paying to get it fixed,does anyone know of a cheaper option,is a Y sus board easy to repair or replace? also,if i were to get it repaired,are there any measures i can take to stop it happening again? Has anyone got any advice or ideas for me,i`d be much appreiciated,thanks.

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