Advice needed regarding Philips 36pw9528



I have now had my new 36pw9528 for 3 weeks and even if the picture is generally quite good there are a some noticeable flaws.

1. Vertical bars , they are quite visible but mostly on grey - black backgrounds. You can hardly spot them when theres not a solid background, Not that distracting but once you noitice them ...

2. Shifting geometry, the width of the screen changes depending on how bright the screen is (!) , The picture gets wider if the screen is bright and smaller if the screen is darker. Very easy to see on some channels (like MTV) where the screen changes from dark to light often. Some time you see the whole logo (upper right corner) and some times you dont.

3. As far as I can tell the Tv has a Panasonic tube , it has ha dot halfway down on both sides. How much better would the picture be with a Philips tube , are there any 36'' with a philips tube ?

Any 36pw9528 owners that dont have these problems ?

What do you think ? should I return this set hoping for better luck with the next one , I must decide before my 30 days evaluation period expires.
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