Advice needed: re: subwoofer in a cabinet


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Hi all

At present I'm not happy with my front end, and am looking at buying a low level cabinet to house everything and allow me to have a large projection screen...presently my Blok AV rack would obscure the lowest part of any screen :(

However, the width of my living room means that I have little room to play with, if I go for a cabinet I then have a problem siting the subwoofer (and it can't go anywhere else in the room).

So I was thinking of getting a cabinet made which will house the subwoofer in a centre section as well as my separates. The type of cabinet I'm thinking of is as follows:

...but with the centre section made wider so I can fit in my DD-15 on a gramma.

I understand this could cause all sorts of problems with reflections etc....but I wondered, does anyone know how big a problem this would really be? Would love to hide the subwoofer away if at all possible.

The other option is to go for something like this:

With this type of cabinet I'd be able at least to have my subwoofer across the front with all my other kit, there's just enough room.

Any thoughts or advice?



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Just thinking aloud:

Forward firing and preferably sealed would seem the best sub option.

A downfiring or reflex ported sub with the port on any other face than the driver side would probably be impossible. Unless the cabinet space was sufficiently large to allow the sub to breathe properly all around the edges.

Getting your hands on the plate amp controls would be difficult once inserted into a cabinet. Switching off would have to take place externally.

Ventilation might be important for some plate amps to avoid overheating. Sitting on standby is not recommended.

Rattling of the cabinet construction might kill the sound quality. A lightweight open door on hinges has very little self damping.

Isolation pads beneath the sub might be a very good idea to limit mechanical vibration but wouldn't help with acoustic energy exciting the cabinet structure.

If a partner insisted on enclosure I think I'd prefer two smaller cabinets with the sub freestanding in the middle. But would still prefer no cabinets at all both from a furnishing and acoustics point of view.


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The proof of the pudding...

Lift-off hinges might be the answer to door problems.

The door can be removed completely and stashed safely out of the way during active use if it proves to be a problem.

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If it's going to be in a cabinet why do you want to swap/trade for a black version?:confused:

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