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I currently have a Panasonic AE700 projector that the lamp has finally got to the end of its life (nearly 5000 hours!). I'm in a quandry now and would value some advice.

I bought a new bulb for it a couple of years ago and would happily just put that bulb in and go again except for the fact that the projector is exhibiting the 'blue stain' problem with a fair amount of blue down the left hand side of the picture (and screen burn if the image is left for any length of time).

My main question is whether to sell on the brand new bulb and spend the money on a new projector or just use the existing bulb and put up with the blue. Obviously time is not on my side since the projector only works for 1/2 hr at a time (unless I switch off the runtime protection which I'd prefer not to do).

I'd love to get the AE3000 but finances wont stretch to it at this point. Could probably afford up to about 1-1.2K (AE1000?) but would prefer to stick to Panasonic as the picture/functions are known to me and the service centre has always been top notch when I've used them. Of course, if there is something significantly better I'd be happy to give it a trial run.

Any advice welcome.


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