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Advice Needed Please


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Hi All,

I have unfortunately have to downsize my system Wifes rules :suicide:

Attached are a few pics of the complete system Slight probs on some :-
1/1 x rear see pics due to little tike who thought it was funny to poke dads speaker with a pencil.
2/ DVD player drawer sticks and does not always load the dvd correctly the drawer seems to click.
3/ Amp volume knob snapped off by same tike as in item 1replacement ordered today.

I really dont know what she is all worth now paid over £3200 for it all a few years ago, Any advice on selling would be very much appreciated.

All pics are in my album link here:-

Thanks Si

bump anyone please ?


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One place to research is that famous auction website. Take a look at what these items have raised there.

The DVD player and amp will have dropped in value horribly because of the fast addition of gizmos on AV kit. They may perform well but without 3D/internet/Bluray/HD audio/networking/HDMI etc. they've fallen behind. Maybe use this to argue why you should keep?

The damage to the speakers has really dented their value too, unfortunately. And, assuming you don't have the original boxes, your target customer is likely to be someone who'll collect.

The CD player should far better relative to its cost. A completed listing on that site sold at £31 plus £10 postage.

They'll sell better as individual components because people are more likely to want to add a bit to their system than to buy a complete set of kit.


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Many Thanks for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it a lot :smashin:

I have put the speakers on ebay but 5 watchers but no joy @ £300 :rolleyes:

Anyway I will keep trying,


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As I mentioned above, splitting will often get more interest. Anyone who already has, say, a stereo pair may add a centre or a surround pair but will not want to pay you the value of the full set. AE, while a good brand, are not the best known. If you can offer links to any reviews on line it will help reassure people who don't recognise what they are.

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