Advice needed please to buy Airport Express or Airport Time Capsule for Macbook Pro


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Could i have some advice please , I'm on Sky broadband using a Sky Hub with home plugs and normally listen to my iTunes through airplay on my macbook and Apple TV.

Recently ive been noticing my music is breaking up slightly over airplay through the external speaker using apple TV and i was wondering if buying airport express or airport time capsule would improve the quality.

Im not really sure if either would help but i read the airport time capsule acts as a router and an external Hard drive, i could do with buying a bigger external drive for my back ups on time machine so am tempted with this with it being a router also.

I've read i would still need to use my sky router so would anyone mind explaining the set up and benefit of buying either of these devices and if they would help listening to my music using airplay on apple TV, and confirm if i would still need to use my sky broadband hub as well as the Apple Router.

Thanks for any comments.
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