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My husband has offered to buy me a plasma screen (to shut me up from nagging for one no doubt!), and I quite like the idea of the Panasonic TH-42PWD7BK.

Now, not being technically minded, and a mere woman, what do I need (trying to get a ballpark figure for him here) to set it up.

I need it to connect to sky+, a dvd player, tuner, and surround sound speakers.

Please help, your advice is truly valued.




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Hi there,
Could you list the equipment you already have & the inputs/outputs e.g. SCART, it's then easier to build up a connection plan.

You will also need to decide how you will connect into the Plasma, for the Panny there are a few options - SCART (soft picture so they say), Component (probably the best), S-Video and Composite Video (The worst).


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Now, I did say I'm not technically minded!

My stuff is probably very basic and old...but the tuner is a Sherwood and has so many input/output holes on the back it looks like a cribbage board! :)
Pioneer DVD player, Bose speaker thingybobs (for surround sound), and I have Sky+ being installed this Friday (after years with NTL I finally got fed up with them).

My husband (who technically minded), isn't here at the mo to answer any tech questions.

Thanks :thumbsup:


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This thread here is a good place to start, it's quite long, but don't be too daunted:

Just read through and make some notes about how things connect together, unfortunately there are many ways of connecting these things so your head may spin for a while, I know mine did.

My setup is this:

Telewest Tuner (SCART) --> Panasonic E55 (SCART); set both to RGB for better quality
Panasonic E55 Component out --> Yamaha AX750 AV Amp Component in

AX750 Component out --> Plasma Component board (This is the only input I use to the plasma to keep the number of cables up the wall down to a minimum)

Panasonic Digital sound --> AX750 for 5.1 Surround

I also have a Freeview box composite video into the AX750 which converts this to component output also, not as good PQ but allows us to record 1 channel and watch another.


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Hi Tarsh,

Wow, I see what you mean, this is way more confusing than I thought it would be! I think I'll wait till hubby is around and get him to read all this! More his sort of thing than mine! I appreciate the time and trouble you have given me. I certainly check out that beginner's link.

Thanks again, and best wishes.


The PWD7 is a good place to start looking. You already have surround sound, ask DH if it's dolby digital. If not you need an amp upgrade. I expect it will offer s-video switching, which is not to be despised, it would get you up and running with minimal expense. You could then upgrade at leisure. Buying the screen with the 'dual slot component/composite' board would be economic, s-video now, component later. You can get component switchers at reasonable cost if an amp upgrade was out of the question. You need to pay careful attention to your video switching with a plasma, not only are they sensitive to poor signals, but spread the data over a large area, showing up every flaw. Hence what would otherwise be regardede as some sort of anal fixation about signals, ISF calibration, scalers, high definition TV etc. Hang around here for a bit and you'll soon talk the same language!
PS my wife wanted a plasma, and look where it got me!


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jubletroop said:
My husband has offered to buy me a plasma screen (to shut me up from nagging for one no doubt!), and I quite like the idea of the Panasonic TH-42PWD7BK.


Not really any help but I have a similar prob, but I want the Plasma and am tech minded whereas she dont and aint.

Shall we do a swap and let them get together!!!

Mind you, I have only been nagging suince Xmas so by July I figure her resistance will have gone!! :lease:



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Don't give up!

Keep at it, you'll eventually wear her husband just wants a peaceful life! :clap:


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