Advice needed on upgrading a Yamaha CDR-HD1300 please

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Hi guys

My step dad has a Yamaha CDR-HD1300 and wants to upgrade his hard drive. He asked me for advice so I said I'd have a look into it for him.

Is there a limit to the hard disk size you can use with them? Presumably it's EIDE, but it there's no limit he'll be best getting a 300 or 400gb drive as they're pretty cheap now.

Is it as simple as opening it up and swapping drives?

Also (and quite important), is there any way to copy over the files from his exisiting drive? Are they stored as normal wav files or is there some sort of encryption?

Thanks guys.


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From Yamaha:-

I have a CDRHD-1300. Can I upgrade the hard disc drive to a larger size and will I be able to transfer the data?

The HDD on the CDRHD-1300 (mkI and mkII) can be upgraded by your dealer but to a maximum size of 137Gb. A larger drive could be inserted but only 137Gb would be used. The electronics which manage the HDD on the new CDRHD-1500 are different, allowing larger drives to be used. When upgrading the HDD the data will be lost and it is not possible to transfer it.

Those who've had the HDD upgraded have all said that as only the dealer is given the necessary software by Yamaha to re-set the BIOS within the unit, fitting your own is a waste of time. Simply because the current BIOS still sees the new drive as '80gb'.

Someone may have a found a workaround, and if so could post it here. As the unit is out of warranty now, this isn't such a big deal on that score, however, be advised that if Yamaha are recommending dealer upgrades only, any workaround may mess up your unit.


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