Advice needed on Technics SC-EH750 speakers


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Hi there,

Have been browsing this site for quite a while and have already taken on board a lot of advise given out on these forums. Decided to jump in and register as i need some help.

I have an old Technics SC-EH750 Hi-Fi system and the front speakers have 4 inputs per speaker.
I am in the process of upgrading all my AV equipment and have just bought a Denon AVR1707 receiver. This has the capability of Bi-Amping. I aim to upgrade all of my speakers as and when finances permit but was just wondering if the front speakers on this technics system could be used as a stopgap until i can purchase a pair of fronts.
I am slightly concerned as the manual for the Denon states that "When making bi-amp connections, be sure to remove the short circuiting bar included with the speaker".
Any advise on whether these can be used or whether it would be a good or bad thing would be very much appreciated.




I wouldn't use them. If the Technics systems split the frequencies at the amp end, you'll damage them.

I do remember some people using other manufacturer's speakers with their Technics systems and running into problems, so much so that Technics themselves said that they would refuse to repair systems under warranty if the problem was caused by using other manufacturer's speakers.


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Thanks for that, i think i'm going to bite the bullet and just purchase some new speakers for this amp.
Due to financial restraints i was looking at a pair of Mission M33i Fronts as i beleive these can be bi-amped?
Anybody with any experience of these speakers?

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