advice needed on sky hd box fault


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I have had my thomson sky Hd box for almost 3 years with no problems, received the new epg few months ago, no problems, worked fine, received my new viewing card last week and my Box kept on switching it self off, keeps on saying nos satelite signal is being transmitted, this kept on happening for a week, i booked an engineer who came this morning and has replaced my box with a samsung 006 box, but it has the old epg, i likeed the new epg,
so my questions are
is the samsung sky Hd box better than my thomson 004 sky hd box?
when will i receive the new epg?
should i have to pay thr £65 service charge when my box was working fine before the new viewing card arrived?

please help....


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Many Thomson boxes seemed to be working fine up until the new EPG and viewing cards were sent out. Then many people experienced problems as you have. It seems that it might be something to do with some of the EPG being cached onto the hard drive, but I'm not certain. In some cases, the Thomson boxes developed Power Supply Unit (PSU) problems, which might have been there already or overdue, but this seemed to tip them over the edge.

As for value, the Samsung boxes seem to be ok, but £65 from Sky is still a bit expensive, considering you could have got a repair kit from Satcure to fix your Thomson for £15 and/or paid someone another £20-30 to fit it (if you couldn't do it yourself). Satcure guarantee the capacitors for 3 years, so the only thing likely to go wrong with your old Thomson box after the upgrade/repair would be the hard drive, which could be anytime/never...

Now you've lost any recordings you may have wanted to keep and you've also lost the component out facility (if you needed it?), not to mention about £20.

At least you've had it sorted out quickly.


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...... with a samsung 006 box, but it has the old epg, i liked the new epg......

Some of these 06 boxes have been upgraded with the new EPG. Try your luck with a software update.

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