Advice needed on Ohms and Watts


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Hi, im abit confused on Ohms and Watts. im looking to buy a Technics SUV303 vintage amp. info here:

It has place for to main speakers and 2 "remote" ones. The amp is 40W RMS at 8 ohms and i will be using 4 speakers, which are all 100watt at 6ohms.

Will this be ok?
Whats the max watts i will get from this set up?
Should i get a bigger amp?
Thanks alot!!!!


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There should be a minimum value for the impedance (ohms) of the speakers if using all 4 together. Look in the specs for the amp. If the speakers are run in parallel which is likely then 2 pairs of 6 ohm speakers will mean the amp sees 3 ohms which is quite low and could cause a problem for it since it will mean a higher load on the amp which being vintage it may not be able to take.


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Thanks, well it has the ports in the back for 4 speakers.

on one pair of speakers it only says 6ohms
rated power: 100w
Maximum power: 200w

and on the other 2 it says
6ohms, power handling capacity 100w

no mention of minimum value.
Do you think i should risk it or buy another amp? it is possible i will be playing vinyl s load through it from time to time.


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Although it will have two sets of speaker connections at the back I suspect it will only have one pair of amps inside and that the 2 sets of connections are in parrallel to each other.
Can you select both sets of speakers at the same time or is it either A or B? If both can be selected then there should be a minimum impedance specified in that configuration. On other stereo amps I have seen it will say something like 4-16ohm for either A or B but 8-16ohm for A+B.

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