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Advice needed on new TV options

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by silvermonkey, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. silvermonkey


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    I'm looking to buy a new TV and hoping for some good advice/recommendation. I'm not that 'techy', so not looking for perfection here folks, but want to make the best possible buy for my money - i've been using a 20inch Goodmans for the last 7 years since Uni, and are looking to make my first decent TV purchase, with a view to getting a DVD home cinema/DVD recorder soon after.

    Needs to be:
    Good all-rounder for watching DVD's, TV (thorugh Sky), Xbox gaming.
    28 or 32 inch.
    Good looking - looking at designs with the glossy black frame around screen.
    Compatable for a HD component imput (HD1080i??) - assuming when Sky bring out their HDtv box i'll be able to plug it into this TV and reap the viewing rewards! So any advice on this area specifically welcomed.

    JVC HV28D40 looks pretty damn good (and can get for £460 online) but can't find in any shops (in Leeds) to physically see it - if anyone has - does it look as good as it's pics (i.e. glossy black styling?) Was also considering the JVC TH-R1 DVD-R home cinema, so this could be a good combo?
    Considered Samsung WS32Z308P at £480 online too, but not sure.
    Panasonic TX-28DTX11 looks great, with good spec and is cheap, but does it support HDtv?

    Are there any other CRT TV's in this price bracket with similar spec, which could utilise HDtv when it comes out?

    I have also been considering the possibility of doubling my money on something like the LG 32LX2R (a fairly new LCD tv, which i've seen in Curry's running the HDtv demo and looks amazing). Now the TV will be going in the corner of a room, so is it worth getting an LCD? Can anyone convince me with any reasons (technically speaking) why i should go with an LCD like this LG over the above mentioned JVC (or anything similar)?

    Would really appreciate any offers of advice, or if anyone can suggest any good/better alternatives I should look at.

    Thanks! :lease:

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