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Advice needed on factors I need to consider for deciding between a 65" or 75" TV based on budget and wall size


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Hi guys,

I promissed my wife I'd ask you knowledgeable lot for your help and input whilst please asking you to take into account the room I'm wanting to put a new TV in. rather than concentrating on how great a new TV needs to be!

I've got a 5 metre wide lounge wall with nothing at all on it besides a floating wall I built to hide all the cabling for my old 60" Plasma that recently died. The set always looked a bit small on the wall but as it was about £2000 when I bought it 10 years ago anything bigger back then was just silly money.

So I'm trying to find a LED TV that would ideally take up a bit more space on the wall than my last TV did. I had hoped that a 65" TV would be a little bigger than my old 60", but due to the small bezels on all the TV's these days my old 60" plasma was actually slightly bigger than the 65" Samsung I measured today!

This made me take a look at the 75" Smasung RU7100 as it was quite obviously bigger in size but these larger TV's don't seem to have the brightness capabilities to make HDR look as good as most of the mid-range 65" sets. I'd be sitting around 3.5m away from the TV head-on so the wide angle issue isn't really a thing for me.

I've got a strict budget of £1300 which I know in general isn't enough to look at anything other than the limited budget range of 75" TV's on the market but due to a recent roofing problem that destroyed our lounge I've got to spend a lot of money on renovations and I simply don't have any more in the budget to put towards a new TV :(

I'm left with the decision of trying to work out am I better just to get a 75" regardless of how great the picture and spec is or am I better off getting a mid-range 65" TV with most of the bells and whisltes and increased brightness to make HDR look better?

In all honesty I'm not sat in the lounge for hours on end watching movies so it's really crucial how great the TV looks when it's on. As long as it's an improvement over my old 60" plasma I'll be happy. It's only going to be used for general TV watching, streaming the odd movie via my Nvidia Sheild and teenage sons will probably want to use it now and again for gaming on their console if they ever decide to venture out of their bedroom! It's a 50/50 split on wanting a TV that looks good on the wall, as in it doesn't look too small up there all alone but at the same time I don't want an absolute stinker of a TV in terms of picture quality either!

Please guys, do you have any recommendations or what you think makes the most sense in terms of helping to decide what size TV to get and how well specced it really needs to be?

Your time and help is truly most appreciated :)


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This might be stretching your budget....but it's better picture quality


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@Hatter - But the UE75RU7020 is surely an inferior set to the UE75RU7100 that I was asking about???

And that set's PQI rating of only 1400 PQI is a little worrying too! :/

In a real world viewing situation is this a really big negative?

That 65" LG OLED looks a nice but I really can't spend more on a 65" set than the available budget I was stretching to get a 75" set :(
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