Advice needed on extending wireless range

Barry the Brave

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Okay so my wireless router is upstairs, and the range is pretty useless; thick walls and floors etc. So I bought a bigger antanae for it, but still no good, in the front room downstairs where I wish to us my laptop, wii and PSP, the signal is too weak to pick up.

I don't really want to move the router because a few things are wired in to it. I know there are a few products out there but it is a bit confusing; what can I use to pick up the wireless signal downstairs? Is an over the air booster type setup the best route? I would ideally like something like homeplugs, but the end in the front room needs to send out the wifi signal, not a lan cable. Or is there something I could attatch to the downstairs homeplug to transmit a wireless signal?

Sorry for the length and rookiness of my question, but help would be greatly appreciated.


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Something like this on the end of the homeplug in the lounge should do the job. But look around you might be able to get something cheaper that does the trick :)

Barry the Brave

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Okay cheers that looks promising. So then I presume I would stop trying to pick up the BTVoyager signal from my wireless router upstairs and this will give me a new signal to connect to, rather than just boosting the range of the BTvoyager's signal?

Barry the Brave

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Thanks for the help. :smashin:

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