Question Advice needed on DVD player to projector


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Have a bit of a technical issue. My work has an old projector touch screen display on the wall, it’s only inputs are VGA and s video. We would like to play dvds on it using a Sony DVD player which has a HDMI port only.
Now I purchased a HDMI\VGA Converter cable and It displays the menu of the DVD player, but as soon as I try and play a dvd, an error comes up saying resolution not support? Any ideas



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Are you able to adjust the resolution output of the Sony player ?

If so, maybe drop it to the lowest possible in the Settings menu and see if it’ll play, then adjust to get the maximum possible.


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Might be a HDCP thing, as your not alowed to convert HDCP protected movie content.

There is various converters from China that will strip HDCP and alow you to display a image.

Whats resolutions do the projector support, and what kind of player is it.? Model nr, on both projector and player might help.
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