Advice needed on dumb/smart TRV for home with Hive installed.


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We have just moved into a 4 bedroom home with Hive installed and have been told by Hive that we have to buy a new hub for £60, the previous owners aren’t allowed to deregister it and assigned to us. Before I go ahead and order the hub, I just wanted to get some feedback on having better control of the temperature in the house given the rise in energy costs and have seen mixed reviews about the Hive TRVs mainly going back to 3 years ago so not sure if they have improved recently.

The scenarios I see are

1) Go with the minimum of ordering a new hub for £60, hence have one thermostat for the whole house (a 4 bedroom house with 11 radiators and 2 towel rails), the issue with this is that some rooms get very cold in the house and others the opposite would be nice to have a more consistent temperature as putting the heating on all the time to warm up the cold rooms will be costing us a fortune.

2) Go with the hub above and have dumb TRVs for most frequently used rooms in the house, much cheaper than the Hive TRV’s and this should ensure that a given room with this installed will heat the radiator until the required temperature.

3) Go with the hub above, but also purchase a pack of 5 smart TRVs for £199, the main benefit of Smart TRVs over dump TRVs from what i can see is setting the time they come on, so i.e making sure that the bedrooms are warm before bedtime, then reduce them later, is this more of a nice to have benefit rather than a cost saving measure, would having the radiator temperature schedule at set times vs a constant temperature regulation make any savings over the long term? Possible going even further getting Hive window sensors to tie all the heating regulation together again what is the real energy saving costs here

Or perhaps a combination of smart and dumb TRVs, or if Hive TRVs are as bad as some of the reviews make out, save spending £60 on the hub and switch to another product like Honeywell EvoHome but that will still result in more upfront cost.

Hence in terms of today’s energy prices, would appreciate advice on what scenario above or welcome any other scenarios would help to reduce the monthly heating expenses ! or just feedback on what your set up is and how much difference it has made to your monthly energy bills !



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