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It has been about 8 years now since i was in the market for a new Amp/Rec and my pre HDMI Sony DB940 has served me well.

I have just recently bought a new Pioneer KURO HDMI TV and a PS3 and also plan at some stage to upgrade to Sky HD and get a separate Blu-ray player so i want to upgrade my amp to an HDMI model that will give me the full benefits of all these. My Budget is flexible if it needs to be but was looking at up to about the £300 mark

My current Set up is as follows:

5 Eltax Satellite Speakers
Mordaunt Short Sub woofer

Pioneer KURO A500 (HDMI cable)
PS3 (HDMI Cable)
Wii (componant cable)
Sky+ Box (Scart cable)
(to be upgraded to Sky HD with HDMI Cable at some point)
A DVD player (S-Video and Coaxial Cables)

To be added will be an additional Blu-Ray player with HDMI cable

From my count this would mean eventually i would need at least 4 HDMI slots on the amp.

Many Thanks in advance for any advise offered.


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You won't be able to route the video output from sky+ via the amp unless you either compromise quality and use s-video or convert RGB to component using something like a QED RGB to Component Converter box (around £60). That said, some people have reported good quality via s-video although on a 50" TV, it might not look so pretty, so time for that upgrade to Sky HD, which if I do say so myself is actually one of my better AV decisions. The cost is obviously an issue though.

By my count you will need 3 hdmi inputs and 1 output, so the Denon 1909 or Sony 2400ES should do nicely and it will upconvert your wii's component output to HDMI so you will only need a single HDMI cable going to the TV. If the DVD player is not multi-region modified, I would retire it and stick with the PS3 for now.

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