Advice needed - Mordaunt Short MS309 or BK XLS 200


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Hello people. Now i'm not usually one for simply asking if product A is better than B but as I can't easily get a demo of either of these subs I need your help. I am running the Mirage AVS 7.1 Micro's and am currently using the matching Mirage FRX-S8 which has (re)developed a nasty flutter (air escaping from round the fuse/switch unit). As it's now out of warranty I am looking to replace it and have arround £250 available. Having read the What Hi-Fi 5 star review of the MS309 (£230) and the great feedback on the XLS200 (£286), I am undecided which one will be right for me (90% movie use, Pioneer AX3 driving in a dedicated AV room 5m x 3m).

Advice would be appreciated. Thanks:)


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Don't know about the BK, but I can certainly vouch for the Mordaunt Short, it is a nice little sub, I would have gone for it but my room is too large unfortunately.

I would have gone for its bigger brother the MS909W but couldn't find any decent deals or any stock. In the end I went for the KEF PSW2500 for £239. Technosound price matched PRC Direct for me. The PSW 2500 is no slouch either, 250 Watts, closed cylinder box design and fantastic with music as well as movies.

You can't go wrong with the Mordaunt Short brand (the rest of my set up shows the confidence I have in them). With the recent review, I think you can expect Richer Sounds to be having plenty of stock soon, so it would be a good idea to visit one of their stores for a demo.

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Originally posted by Docta teef
From most of the comments on here the BK would win hands down
I have just done a search on the MS309 here to try and find any posts that might justify your quote but can't find any :(

Can you help me out please.


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Thanks for your opinions folks. Have ordered a BK and they are happy to have it back if i'm not fully satisfied:)


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I guess the best way to describe it would be similar to letting air out of a balloon (ish) or maybe a kind of farting sound. Air is escaping from round the fuse and switch assembly during the more bassy parts of movies which kind of detracts from the overall effect! It went back once for repair and seemed to be OK but having happened again I want a new sub (I will still pursue getting this fixed but it's out of warranty so who know what will happen...)

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