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Advice needed in building a home entertainment PC

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by ukgebe, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. ukgebe


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    Hoping anyone will give me some advise on the following:
    I'm looking to build a home entertainment pc, it's main aim will be to hook up to a 32" Sony widescreen for playback of movies, music videos via both dvd and avi(divx) files. Also useful as hifi(mp3's), bit part game playing ( some PSX emulation, perhaps a game of fps such as Unreal Tournament ), and also some webbrowsing and video recording.

    The setup I'm looking to go for is as follows
    Creative SlixPC ( comprising a shuttle like case, mb and audigy 2 pci card )
    celeron 2.4ghz
    512 pc2700 ram
    80 gig Maxtor 2mb 7200 rpm hdd
    sony dvd drive
    Saphire Radeon 9200 VIVO card, with saphire/ati AIW remote
    Creative 6.1 6100 speakers

    Still undecided on keyboard/mouse, but looking towards a logitech wireless set.
    Also looking to run winxp home, with Aston desktop shell to customise it( or something similar )

    I've gone for the above as it will be quite good price, delivering what I think I'll need, plus being quiet. I'm not really looking for anything more powerful as I do have a p2.4 512mb 200gb system sitting in elsewhere, but this is MY PRIVATE PC, whereas this one above will be a shared one

    Any good/bad comments about the above setup/components ?
    Also, will the 200w powersupply be enough ? If not, is there any alternative apart from going for a normal PC case ?

    Any advice is much appreciated
  2. John_N


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    I would use the seagate barracuda V drive which is reputed to be the questest drive available.

    Also - for the price of the Celeron 2.4ghz I would be tempted to buy an Athlon with thoroughbred core instead. HAs slightly higher power dissipation but is a much better CPU in terms of performance and is about the same price.

    If you want to use for hifi and home entertainment I personally would use a digital SPDIF output and feed a proper surround amp using proper speakers. Not sure what performance you will get from Creative 6.1 speakers. Might be <ok ish> at best.

    Check the DVD drive for quietness.

    As for the shuttle-like case, be careful. The shuttles were originally quite loud. This sort of thing is good value for money but the small form factor means less space for heat to escape. Personally - I would go for an ATX case like the DIGN HV5 (mine is on order) or the LMP-PC case and an ATX motherboard / Athlon CPU / thermalright SLK-800/900 heatsink, seagate barracuda V disk, 92mm panaflow fan. THis is the spec of the machine that I'm currently building.

    I didn't like the All in wonder card when I tried it. Seems to tried to do everything and did nothing well. I don't like the AIW remote as well - I've got one and I wouldn't get one again. Not controllable and configurable enough. I ended up using Girder with mine and if I'm going to do that I might as well use an IR remote and girder and have done with it. It's not been very reliable for me either - sometimes doesn't respond.

  3. gab2001uk

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    Dec 3, 2002
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    Keyboard mouse HAS to be the Gyration wireless from http://www.quietpc.com/uk/cases.php
    It is excellent, as it is RF, not IR, and the mouse acts like a normal mouse on a coffe table or trouser leg, but pick it up and squeeze the trigger, and move it in the air to get the same effect. The small form keyboard and gyro mouse means I do not use the remote controls at all. These two are better...

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