Advice Needed for Replacement TV



Hello All,

Just found this site and I'm hoping people out there can help me.

Here's the story

For the last 5 years we've owned a Toshiba 40" rear projection screen TV.
Unfortunatly This has now broken down. Boo!

Luckly we took out insurance on it. Hurrah!

We can replace the tv with any from the website upto a price of £1700.00.

I've had a look, and a trip to the local retailers and have a short list of the following, any comments or suggestions please?

I've looked at the following

Hitachi 42PD7200
Philips PF7621D/10
Panasonic TH42PX60


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sorry to go slightly off topic. i have got a 5 year old toshiba 40inch rear projection. could i get insurance on this now or did you get it at the start? Where can i get it from?
Back to topic, looking for a new tv myself but have not yet found one without annoying problems (faults?). Will look at the new LG whose very similar sister tv (think its the same but with a hard drive recorder included) won the EASA (european awards) in the plasma tv section, but looking at a review in a magazine yesterday it did not come out brilliantly. It came second but even the one that won did not get a best buy award. still to see it though. My tosh may not have loads of contrast, great sharpness etc but then its got nothing annoying, copes well with poor signals and with dvd it is pretty good. With plasma (without paying loads) you seem to get better quality in some areas but worse in others, a wider variation, unless maybe , you spend loads of money
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