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I know there are a few threads like this but really need some help! I currently have a 17’’ CRT Monitor and a 14’’ Standard TV set up on the same desk in my bedroom. I’m looking to free up the desk space and so I would like to buy a LCD TV that could function both as a TV and a Monitor.

I’ve looked through the ‘frequently asked questions’ thread and a lot of other websites to gather information on the best one to buy.

My budget is around £500 so I’m not looking for anything huge 17’’ to 23’’ would be preferable.

The problem is that I’d like it to be compatible with:
* Work as PC Monitor
* Future and Current Games Consoles
* SkyHD

So I think it needs a HDMI or DVI input, Progressive Scan, etc.

Basically, a LCD TV that is ‘future proof’ but as I will be sitting something like 3ft away from it I understand it shouldn’t be too big as it won’t look as good.

There are a couple of sets that I’ve seen that seem good:
Philips 17PF4310
Philips 23PF4310
Philips 23PF5320
LG RZ23LZ55 / Official Site (26’’ only on site)

But I’ve also noticed the Samsung LE26R41BD and have seen some good reviews on this site that make me think about shelling out the extra £100 for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I have the phillips 17" LCD in our bedroom. An excellent TV with great PQ. If you are only going to be 3ft away, you don't really want anything bigger than this.

I fully recommend if for the what you need




Thanks, that was the one I was leaning towards the only thing holding me back is the absense of a HDMI socket which allows future HD-DVD players to play copyrighted material. I think its called HDCP.


Could try a 26" with PC input, DVI and HDMI? I've have a 32" in that capacity myself but ended up pushing myself backwards from the desk at times to take it all in. Depending on your working space, 26" might be just right. £500 is a bit tight for them but if you want something futureproof it'd be worth an extra few pounds.


Thanks I'll have a look. I would be willing to pay more for a 26'' LCD TV i said £500 for a 17'' one. I'll look on as they have a good search engine for specs.

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