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    Hi all,

    I've pulled the trigger on an second hand Panasonic AE-2000. I am really looking forward to it, but I now need to figure out how to configure my room to make the most of it.

    My room is modest in size (see Room.png for current layout - note that its not to scale and something I did with paint). It's not tiny (compared to places I've stayed before), but there is only one wall I can use (where my bed is leaning against right now). Using the projector calculator at Projector Central, I worked out that I can probably get about 88" if the projector is as far back against the other wall as possible (taking into consideration the length of the projector) which I can be quite happy with.

    However, I am working with the limitation of living in a rented flat, so ceiling mounting is out of the question (plus, too much hassle when I need to move). As far as drilling into the walls are concerned, I may be able to get permission to install a wall shelf. Ideally though, I would like to be able to do without drilling at all.

    I have considered putting a table near the socket 2 (labelled PJ1 in Room2.png), but I am not sure if the lens shift is adequate to make good use of the wall from that location. Note that I have reserved a small space between the bed and the table so that I can stand when using the Wii. If I want to watch a movie, I could always move the bed or projector table.

    Second option is to put the projector where the label PJ2 is located. That is the center point of the projector screen by the way (does not look that way due to the pictures being not to scale). I kind of like the idea of that, because it would mean that I could have more space on the right hand side. The down side I suppose is that I would need to be careful not to bang my head on shelf when I wake up (12 inch deep shelf). I kind of like the idea of a projector stand (such as those Professional projector stands from Wedgwood AV Ltd), as it would not require any drilling, but cost aside, I think that the base (will take too much space for me to put it behind the bed - and I like to lean against the wall, so the bed really needs to be against the wall).

    Okay, this is getting probably too long for most people to bother reading, but I would appreciate any feedback. I am particularly interested to know exactly how much flexibility I can get using the horizontal lens shift. And any good suggestions for wall shelf/projector stands. Thanks to anyone who reads this :)

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