Advice needed for open plan kitchen/dining/living roon


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Hi All,

I am about to start on building an open plan kitchen/dining/living room.

The architect plans are below. The kitchen that I've drawn in the black rectangle won't change (my wife has had the last say in this!). Which leaves the space where I've drawn the questions marks as the only available space for the dining table and TV. Ignore where the architect has drawn the TV and dining table as this is just an example of where they can be placed.

Ideally I would like 5.1 surround sound (utilising my existing Sonos beam for fronts and Play 1 for rears), but I have no idea where the TV or rear speakers should go. I don't really want rear speaker stands as I have a 2 year old who may knock them over, particularly in an open plan room.

Another option would be a projector but again, I have no idea which wall the projector screen should be or the speakers.

Ideas welcome!


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Check these out.


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Looks great! How far out does the extension go? Mines only 3 meters but tempted to go bigger.


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Great size room. We did similar, you can check out the thread for ideas here: A dreamer stops dreaming

We originally wanted 3 sections: Kitchen, Living, and Dining
But our longer room didn't divide into 3 as well as yours, so we went with 4 sections instead, adding a study table in the other corner.

We wanted our Living area to look out into the garden, so that had to go by the sliding doors.
Our kitchen area worked best away from the sliding doors, so we had more walls for cupboards etc.
Our kitchen designers wanted our bar stools in a row against the island, like yours, but I didn't want us all in a row, unable to either see each other, or see the garden, so I put them all around one end. Very happy with that decision.
We're watching a fair bit of TV in the room, because it's the nicest and warmest room to be in, but that's partly influenced by the fact that our other living room has become a temporary storage room for my future cinema. We won't have a projector in the room, as we'll have a separate cinema.

Possibly the main decisions for you on your two ? areas, are how much you want to look out into the garden when either eating, or chilling on the sofas, and whether you want a projector and if so, whether you'd have blackout blinds for it.

In terms of whether to go bigger:
Can your garden afford to lose the space?
If you do, your kitchen may require a rejig.
Ours is 9.5m x 7.5m, and it's a great size, I wouldn't want it smaller. But our neighbour's is something daft like 15m x 9m, and it's way too big. They rent out the place to large groups, so it works for that, but as a family room it's too vast. It looks impressive, but not like a home.
I spent over 10 years planning our extension before we were able to actually build it, so the final size was designed around exactly how we wanted to use each area. I'd suggest knowing what will go where before committing to the size (but obviously don't take 10 years :) ).

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