advice needed for new TH37PW4B owner


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I know i've seen this information on these forums,but my new screen is now set up and i don't want to go through every thread on here.
Could someone tell me what the best settings for using this screen colour,brightness,contrast or if there is any other adjustments i can make.
At the moment i am using a rgb-rgb cable for the DVD player is this the best connection for this screen,i have a video and Skybox to attach to it yet,so any suggestions would be helpful.

p.s. the picture is awesome on this screen,and no fan noise at all.

thanks in advance


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You could look to get an rgb>vga converter from Dr. John for the skybox ... ... then either loop the video through the sky box or connect to the composite input ...

You'll generally get slightly different settings from others depending on their screen/room/ambient light etc ... if you've got some of the dvd's with test setupd on them, eg T2 and Toy Story then run those and you'll not be far off ...




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Is the TH37PW4B the same as the 42 4th generation panasonic plasma except it´s ofcourse smaller.
I saw a 37" one and it had silver frame and a black frame around the screen, and the black frame really showed badly how greyish the screens blacks were.


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thanks for the useful information screen doesn't have a problem with blacks or any other colour.


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I was actually asking a question and hoping for an answer :) Is the 37" the same as the 42" 4th generation, are they both 4th generation just of different size?

Isn´t the black level of the display much greyer than the black frame that surrounds the screens edges?


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42" panasonic is slightly brighter than the 37",i think thats the only difference.
the black on my screen is just as dark as the surrounding frame.

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