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I have a requirement for the following and am looking for advice:-

16 x LCD TV's
Fed by 2x CAT5
& 1x Coax
From central location
All runs <100m

I require some suggestions for possible solutions for the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Distribute 1 Freeview channel to all 16 TV's so all have same feed. (I know easiest solution is UHF distro but feel free to be creative).

Scenario 2:
Distribute 1 Component video feed to all 16 TV's so all have same feed.

Scenario 3:
Distribute 4 Component feeds to 16 TV's (4 separate simultaneous feeds).

Scenario 4:
Distribute 1 Composite feed to all 16 TV's so all have same feed.

Scenario 5:
Distribute 4 Composite feeds to 16 TV's (4 separate simultaneous feeds).

Feel free to comment on any scenario, not necessarily all of them! Just looking for ideas at the moment and expected price differences between them all.

Thanks in advance


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Assuming this is a home system, you want something which will matrix switch sources at the source end. Would be daft to just stick all TVs on the same channel all the time!!

AVATrix fits the bill perfectly. It wants coax+2 CAT5 to each TV, can have up to 37 outputs, carries IR back from the display to change sources (up to six 1080p component inputs) as well as control the sources, and is built like a brick outhouse. Will be about 5k worth of hardware once all is said and done, and you can run component video + digital audio + analogue audio to any display. Easy way to share a couple Sky HD boxes, DVD player, BD player, freesat/freeview box. And you can still have freeview/freesat boxes locally depending on how you use the one coax.


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If they are 16 TV's with built in FV or analogue tuners you can have different channels at every screen from the built in tuner and UHF distribution either analogue or freeview depending on the tuner in the TV. 16 screens, how about 1-16 source devices? Avatrix can only do 6 sources which may be enough others can do more (as many as you like) but whats the application? You could mix VGA, component and scart to all 16 if necassary


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This is a commercial application... an Oxford Street film studio. Their only requirement is one FTA channel across 16 TV's, but I wanted to submit a range of options for them to review for future uses.

Of course if the TV's had internal FTA tuners receivers in then it would be simple to distribute the signal from the head end.

I have already looked at the AVAtrix (6x18 matrix) option and they quoted £4750 (good 5k guess by the way). Also looked at HD 4x16 matrix distribution from Smart-e costing around £8600- the HD 1x16 distribution from Smart-e is £3000. Finally looked at a cheap option for a 4x16 SD distribution (non-matrix) from Blue Delta costing just £1040.

Anyone had any dealings with Blue Delta equipment?

Any other suggestions for matrix offerings etc? Brands?



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BLuedelta is composite only IIRC and very basic do you have a control system in place to control these screens? (its not a Sony studio is it? Golden triangle?)

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A quick update!

NeoPro have created a partner chassis for the Delano video Matrix to include Stereo and Coax Digital audio over a second Ethernet Cable.

The New unit is called the Eureka! - the NeoPro website will be updated in the very near future.

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NeoPro seems to be a USA product.
I am looking for a UK solution unless there are UK distributors of it. If so, prices for such a system would be helpful.


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Have a look at Joe's signature and you'll find those products. He doesn't shout about it much, so I will.


The other option, if you want 1x16 look at cascading Avatrix 6drives. Then it is a simple upgrade if they want to upgrade to a full matrix as the receivers at the screen end are the same.


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Have also used the Neopro products with great results. RF Modulation distribution is a thing of the past and should be avoided. Component distribution over cat5e is what we usually do in our projects. Not cheap though and control systems have to be involved.

Regarding the Avatrix a lot of my friends installers in the US had various problems in their installations. Are your installations trouble free?

We usually use AMX Autopatch matrix switchers with Muxlab baluns or Neopro switchers with integrated active cat5 "baluns". These systems just work.
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Hello all

alexburn - drop me a PM and I can provide you pricing info on the NeoPro range in the UK.

:thumbsup: to vex and charris cy.


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