Advice needed for DVD player to use with PDP507XD


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Hi all,:hiya:

I am just about to take the plunge and buy a Pioneer PDP507XD to replace my Sony KE32TS2, but am really struggling to know what DVD player to use with the Pioneer. :confused: I currently have a Sony DVP NS930V DVD player which I purchased at the time of my Sony plasma (connected using component cables), but it doesn't offer HDMI output. I also use a Pioneer VSX D2011 amp.

It seems pointless buying the Pioneer display and not utilise the HDMI feed, so I would like to upgrade my DVD player. The problem is what player to go for within a sensible price bracket. I thought the Denon 1930 would be ideal at £170 from Empire Direct, but having spent ages trawling through the various threads on the 1930, it seems that most people have a lot of problems with these players (predominantly lip sync). I can't afford to upgrade the amp, so I won't be routing everything through my current amp via HDMI to the Pioneer display, which means whatever DVD player I go for will send video signals straight to the pioneer display (and sound will go straight to the amp using an optical cable).

I would really appreciate peoples' recommendations on a good DVD player to use with this screen, especially people who own a PDP507XD. :lease: I am open to options as long as it doesn't bankrupt me! Are there any folks that own a PDP507XD with a Denon 1930....? How does it perform?

Thanks in advance.



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OK, thanks. Has anyone got any experience of using the Oppo 981 with the PDP507XD? Also, are there any other options that are worth considering besides the Oppo e.g. Panasonic DVD-S52 or the Yamaha DVD-S1700, or perhaps the Denon 1930 isn't that bad after all? What do people think?

With so many posts debating whether there is any value in buying an upscaling DVD player, would it be better to go for a standard player like the Pioneer DV696 or perhaps a Sony DVPNS76?


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I've got the panny S52 and I've been pleased with. I wouldn't spend a fortune on a standard DVD player frankly if you can get into the £200 region you might want to even take a look at the Toshiba E1 HD DVD player.

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