Question Advice needed for buying a smooth PJ screen


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Hi All,

I'm after some advice here, I'm looking to get a new PJ screen as my current one is doing my head in due it being textured and making the image look pixelated and grainy. This is the current screen that I have:

I'm looking to replace this with a screen that is not textured or glass beaded and ideally grey and is electric too. Does anyone have any advice for me here?

What sort of screens can I look at, around the £300 - £400 budget.

I have calibrated my PJ using DVE and have also added an ND2 filter to reduce the image brightness which has helped with the sparklies but I it's the texture of the screen that still comes through the image.



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Those cheap screens are a pain for that, however better screens have texture too but will not degrade the image the same. See if you can pick up a Panoview or Sapphire, both have same fabric & they are great, check out the classifieds for a good deal.


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