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Advice needed for buying a new amplifier


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Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and would like to say hello. Not only am I new to the forum I am also an absolute novice when it comes to audio tech so was wondering if anyone can give advise.

I have Wharfedale diamond 9.1 speakers that I run from an old Technics SU-VZ220. I mainly use a turntable and have my pc hooked up to it. Im now considering the journey of getting some half decent equipment to add to my speakers (which are plenty all I need for the size of the room they are in). I have been looking at a Marantz 6003 amp that gets great reviews. Compared to the amp I have would I really notice that much of a difference in sound quality to warrant getting one. I am on a very low budget.

Thanks for any help
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drivinscool said:

To be honest only about £200. I have seen the marantz for just under that amount and appears to be a good deal. My question is more about whether I would notice much difference in the quality of sound compared to what I already have.?


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There are several fine amps for around £200. I listed several in Post #4 in this thread -


The newer Marantz PM6004 is out now, so the PM6003 is on pretty deep discount; less than £200. This amp would normally cost about £300.

The Marantz is a pretty solid 45w/ch, bu that is enough for most circumstances. I used a 45w/ch amps for many years with some pretty big speakers, and was very satisfied.

The Technics SU-VZ220 is rated at 30w/ch to 8 ohms, which is a nice basic amp.

The Yamaha AS300 is 60w/ch and very nicely priced within your range. However, the more powerful Yamaha AS500 is 85w/ch and a modest £240. Yes, more than you want to spend, but a pretty powerful amp at a pretty attractive price.

As to whether these will sound better, depends on the condition of your Technics. While good amps, this is likely getting a bit long in the tooth (old). But I can't say with any certainty that a new amp will outperform it. The amps I've suggested are very common and should be easy enough to get an audition. Then you can decide for yourself.

At any rate both the Marantz and Yamaha are highly regarded in their price range. The Marantz being the more expensive amp.



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Thanks for the advice everyone, it would appear that there are a few good amps in that price range then.

As BlueWizard pointed out that my amp isnt a bad amp I think I've decided to hold on to my present amp for a bit longer whilst I do a bit more research.

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