Advice needed for AV192 purchase


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I might have the opportunity to purchase an AV-192 with front panel , but no DAB or radio (not 100% bout the spec , but been told it has all but the aforementioned modules ) .

The chappie is asking between £4-£5k but is waiting to see what he can get it for it and apparentlly is rdesparate to sell .

What do you think it's worth and is there any point in buying it with all the current rumours etc., floating about the future of tag ?

It is alot of money and hence I do not want to make the wrong decision .

Your thought would be appreciated .


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Firstly, i own lots of Tag kit and love it dearly so my opinions should perhaps be regarded with that in mind.
The Price.
If you can pick this up for 4000.00 or less then it is nothing less than a bargain, this is less than a new 32rDP. Competition is obviously Bryston, Lexicon and Meridian of which only you can decide which is "best"
I love the Tag sound, it is quite clinical, detailed and forward. TMREQ can either be the best thing you've bought or an expensive piece of software dependant on your rooms acoustic nature.
The future of Tag is certainly clouded, although as i understood it there was a 2 year period granted to "crack" the U.S market.
Either way service will still be made available.
IMHO although Tag has been "closing down" for 6 months or so now, they are still consistantly the best in offering upgrades etc.
Since the "fall-over" i have installed 2 software up-dates, PL2x and the height channel! Version 4.3 has just been released.
i really really hope Tag turn the corner but in NO way will cry into my pillow if Tag get bought out.
I have obtained some wonderful kit from other less confident dealers etc, to include 3 x 250mr's, 4 x 125m's (i own a 32DP from new) and i am thrilled with it all to be honest.
It would seem that this site has had a bit of turn against Tag, but i turn my kit on and think, whatever, you can keep your Denon's, Yamaha's lexicons etc etc and would not change change it if i had the chance.
Do any of the other manfacturers offer anything substantial in the upgrade stakes anyway?

Just my 10pence worth.

Steven (a very happy Tag owner under no illusions)


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Steve ,

Thanks for your advice mate and I shall certainlly bear it mind if I go down the AV-192 route .

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