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Looking for some advice from people with more experience than I. Please bare with me, this may get long!

My current system is a 5.0 consisting Monitor Audio GX200 fronts, MA Radius 225 centre and Radius 45 surrounds. A recent change in room layout , means I need to change to Bookshelf to put on a cabinet ends near the TV. However in the middle of deciding what to do, my amp also just packed in, a Yamaha RXV3067. I would prefer the speakers be white or black, gloss preferably but matt works too. Budget; getting more vague by the minute! But not much, as you'll see below I stretched it to 1k for just new fronts.. Please don't let my current amp and front speakers fool you, I moved abroad, changed jobs and financially can't afford anything like the quality I had when I bought these.

I had heard a Samsung 5.1.4 Atmos sound bar and was impressed with the Atmos sound, so now I want to get that, in the future, not immediately, but it influences the following problems. I was going to sell the amp and put it towards an upgrade, now it's a paperweight that will cost as much to repair as it was probably worth...

So, I have auditioned and like the Kef R300 in white, I like them a lot, but, I heard them at an audio shop, and them alone, with a fairly expensive Cambridge Audio amp. I didn't compare with anything else due to A: time constraints and B: the guy reckoned nothing else came close at my 1000€ budget. However, due to the (IMO) astronomical price of the R50, and wanting 4 of them, I'm really concerned to follow that route. Q Atmos speakers don't come in the same finish (thanks Kef!), so would look terrible atop the R300....
Step in the completely opposite end of the price spectrum the Jamo S series with Atmos modules... Heard them today, not impressed, out they go! Now, I was at a shop with an switch box, and switched between the Jamo S803 speakers, some Polk (sound great for the money, but looks, nope), Dali Spektor 3, Kef Q350, Kef LS50 and Kef R500. I have to say in a totally different environment the R500 was very nice, but not amazingly better to my ears than the Q350, and the 350 sounded much bigger sound but the speakers were about 2 meters further apart. after an hour, I found myself really drawn to the Q350 and the Dali. But especially the Dali, which sounded on par nearly for half the price. So it's got me thinking, Dali Zensor 3 fronts, matching centre and Zensor 1 rears, for about the price of 1 pair of Kef R300! I can't help think this is a no brainer. But the Dali don't have a Atmos speaker as such, they do, but (well done Dali) it doesn't come in white! And I want white.. So, I guess logically, that leaves me with a Kef Q350, and new matching Atmos speakers. but I can't help thinking the R300 will be so superior, that I will regret it. And the Q350 look so cheap compared to the R300!

Then the amp, maybe I get a Marantz SR6011, enough to run all speakers, or maybe I get something much cheaper like a Denon X1400 and get a separate second hand stereo amp ( there is a Denon PMA1510 going for 450€) with HT inputs. This system is 99% AV and 1% music so probably a total waste.

R300 and leave the Radius's for now, later try find matching second hand for rest. R50 is expensive as though! (Note: the shop offered PX on my MA GX200 to save selling but 800€ seems low. offered 1100€ if I buy R300, R100 and 1 pair of R50!)
Q350 and maybe Q150 rear. Later matching centre and Atmos. Vinyl looks naff IMO though.
Dali Zensor 5.0 setup? Haven't heard them but the Spektor sounded amazing for it's price. Weird Dali Atmos speakers with adjustable position could help my (probably) non-atmos friendly room. But totally wrong colour, I'll probably have to paint them!
I have been looking for several months for second hand MA GX100 but no luck, or I'd just get them..

Apologies for the long and convoluted questioning! I'm so confused... I so nearly bought the Kef R300, and today heard the Dali and now I'm lost. Any and all advice welcome.
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