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im on the the verge of buying a pionner vsx-923, but im struggling to figure how im going to connect to my sony viao vgn-nw20ef(win7).
I want to listen to music, watch video & watch skygo amongst others all in surround.
Now my laptop has no hdmi connection, i currently connect my sony tv to it via dvi with 3.5mm sound connection.
Is the only way to do this is basically get a hdmi port installed on my laptop? Would this mean i could connect with 1 hdmi cable for video & audio or will i have to still use the dvi connection for video or have the hdmi installed for sound?


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You can use a DVI to HDMI adapter for video. For sound I guess you'll have to stick with the 3.5mm.

If your laptop had a HDMI port then it would transfer both video and sound.
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Sony UK only lists the VGN-NW20EF as having a VGA port, not a DVI one:
Sony : VGN-NW20EF :

If that's not your laptop can you check whether your model has a S/PDIF sound output. A single 3.5mm jack won't carry surround sound (you need three of them) but a S/PDIF output will.

Unfortunately with a laptop you don't have as many options as you would otherwise and I can't think of any solution that wouldn't be a compromise. The Pioneer specs say it's S/PDIF input is 'assignable' so your best bet is probably a DVI to HDMI cable for video and an external sound card with a S/PDIF connection and Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect for sound. You do end up with a box and two cables but functionality-wise it should work.

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