Advice needed for a budget “gaming” laptop - now advice on RAM & Storage...

steve morris

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Hi everyone,
I’ve only ever owned cheap PC laptops (and not for years - have a old MacBook Air for work/media), but now after a cheapish gaming one.

I’m very interested in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, as well as a few more recent titles... Doom eternal springs to mind.

Would the below Nitro be able to run it on low to medium settings??\

I understand that I’d need to add more RAM.

Sorry for such a newbie question, but totally out of my depth with this, and the more I look the more of a minefield it becomes.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Yeah, that's more than enough power for playing any game if you're not chasing maximum sparklies. I'd have though 8GB of memory would be sufficient too, although I haven't looked at flight simulator benchmarks.
Some more help please....

I ended up purchasing this one....

Will the below RAM and expanded storage be compatible??

Thanks again for any help...
I am not entirely sure what you mean by will the RAM and expanded storage be compatible.

What I can share with you is, generally laptops are not meant for updating the hardware inside. It is possible to do this, but it is MUCH more trouble compared to a desktop system. Generally with a laptop you are paying more for the form factor than the parts themselves.

If what you are wondering is are the parts upgradeable (RAM and Hard drive), the short answer is yes. Just know that this is a much bigger task than a regular PC when working inside a laptop. Not to mention laptops use different form factors for the hard drives and RAM, you will have to research hard drive size and RAM stick sizes before just buying any SSD or RAM.

Personally I have never worked inside a laptop with a power GPU inside, but I can imagine this only complicates opening up the system a bit more.

steve morris

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Hi mate

I’ve watched a few YouTube videos, and it looks like I just have to unscrew the bottom of it. The RAM and hard drive slots are easy to get to without taken anything else apart.

Just need some guidance on the type of RAM and hard drive, as these seem to differ greatly and I want to make sure the items I’ve linked to above are compatible.


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I wouldn't pay £60 for a hard drive like that personally. If you want the extra performance over a normal £40 drive it makes more sense to spend £40 more on a 1TB SSD than £20 more on a drive like that.

Assuming it has a 2.5" bay then the main compatibility factor is height. I believe most laptops these days take a 7mm thick drive.

Memory-wise you really want to use both slots if you're using it for demanding stuff as that'll maximise performance so an additional 8GB stick is cheaper and better than replacing the current one with a 16GB stick. It does appear to have two slots going by Acer's website.

It needs to be the right form factor (almost always SODIMM on laptops), the right type (DDR4) and it would be optimal to match the speed. If you can't find that info then it'd be best to go as fast as is cheaply available as you can always run it more slowly.

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