Question Advice needed connecting Pioneer Kuro PDP-LX5090 to ageing Yamaha DSP-A5 amp


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Can't justify the purchase of a new amp/receiver so am stuck with what I've already got.

The Yamaha has been in its box for years and have forgotten how I had it set up all those years ago.

What's the best way to connect it to my TV (PDP-LX5090), Pioneer DVD player (DV-610AV) and NAD CD player (C521BEE)?

Due to space constraints the KEF cresta speakers are staying in their box so advice on speakers too please - KEF Eggs? KHT2005.2?

Have also got a Samsung soundbar (HW-F450) and the tv has an undermount speaker too!

Going to add a chromecast audio (line-in) on the amp and chromecast streamer - via HDMI directly to the tv or to the amp (but how?)

Many thanks

(apologies if this is in the wrong section)
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I am assuming that your equipment is unlikely to have HDMI.

Before HDMI (and I had to think about this as it seems a long time ago now), all sources that output video DVD player, games console, cable box were connected directly to the TV via scart. and the audio from those devices connected to the amp/receiver with coaxial or optical cable, or from the TV using audio out or the headphone socket but that only gets you stereo.

I remember having a scart distribution box with eveything plugged in and just one lead to the tv.


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The tv has 3 x HDMI connections but the amp doesn't have any


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If this is your DVD player here, it only has a Scart output
Pioneer DV-610AV-S - Universal DVD, SACD Player with HDMI and USB Host (Silver): TV

I am guessing you will need a Scart to HDMI converter to get the picture to the TV and use the optical/coax out to get the sound to the receiver.
SCART +HDMI to HDMI converter :convert 480I: Electronics

This is just two of various different types and prices.

Your Nad CD player should be simple just use a coaxial or optical cable to the receiver.


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The picture is the amp (Yam DSP-A5).

Very confused with s-video, digital coaxial, optical, rca.

It's been many years since I used it (pre-HDMI).

Perhaps I should just find a bit of cash and buy a secondhand receiver with HDMI


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Not sure that anyone uses S-Video any more.

Coaxial cables have the same connectors as RCA/Phono

On the back of your amp near the left top, the two oranges sockets are coaxial inputs and the three black ones next to them are the optical inputs.


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A thought occurred to me that if you buy a receiver with HDMI you are still faced with not being able to connect your DVD player as it only has Scart out put.

So an alternative idea is to buy a cheap DVD player with HDMI which you can connect direct to the TV with an HDMI cable and connect the audio to the receiver with a coaxial or optical cable. This way the TV will be doing the picture processing and the receiver the audio processing, the DVD player is just used as a transport.

I think by looking at the receiver you can use RCA

Bbos37 is right. You could connect your NAD CD player using RCA/Phono cables. That way the DAC in the NAD will do the processing. Using Coax or optical the DAC in the Yamaha will do the processing.

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