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Hi guys this is a bit of a ramble I'm afraid :facepalm:

My grandfather passed away earlier this year and he left me some money to spend, around £1,500. He has always been a big fan of Naim & Linn, which are a long way out of my price bracket unfortunately.

I have had a couple of demos of the Mu-so 2 and was very surprised how good it sounded -- big soundstage despite no separation -- but to be honest the emotions are quite raw still and it's hard to be objective, especially as a relative novice when it comes to evaluating hi-fi.

What I suppose I am wondering is, for my budget what other set-ups should I be considering? I have listened to some KEF LSXs which sounded very good but only in the sweet-spot and the app(s) were incredibly fiddly compared to SONOS or the Naim app. I have read about Yamaha's MusicCast streamer/amp and could spend the change on some B&W 603s.. but this is just guess work. Can you use an AV Receiver in place of a conventional stereo pre-amp/amp??

I know I will need to listen in person before making a purchase, but if anybody can give me some wildcards to demo alongside the Mu-so I would be very grateful. I also know that my budget is not much be audiophile standards, so if I need to top it up by a few hundred for the right "heirloom" that might be okay.

Thanks for reading!


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Although I'm not 100% clear what you want, it seems you're after a streamer/amplifier/speaker setup for a budget of around £1000 - £1500?

You have at least three options...
First, an all-in-one approach like the Muso 2. Secondly, and the complete opposite physical format in many ways, a conventional separates system of streamer + amp + passive speakers (or even a streaming amp + passive speakers for a three-box solution). Third option: a streamer + pre-amp + active speakers (or a streaming pre-amp + active speakers for a three-box solution).

IME, the third option is likely to offer the best audio quality for any given budget but I appreciate there are often other considerations too, such as operational convenience, equipment positioning within the room and aesthetics - not to mention the number of sources you wish to connect.

Before looking at individual items of equipment, I'd first research the formats I've mentioned (+ any other options I haven't thought of) and decide what's the best for you.


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My initial thought for a brand new system would be a Yamaha wxc50 streamer preamp (£250) and a pair of Focal shape 65 active speakers (£1100) or Dynaudio lyd7 (£1100).

If you like naim the you can pick up a second hand unitiqute2 for around £750 and add a pair of pmc fb1 speakers £750 again.

The Yamaha rn803 is a good starting point for an amp at around £550 and the try a number of speakers to see what you like. Worth looking at the big retailers for ex demo, package, bundle or clearance items - audio t, Sevenoaks, richer, Peter Tyson.

These are an absolute steal at the moment - KEF R500 Floorstanding Speakers

But best is to go and listen to a few combinations and let your ears decide.

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If you fancy keeping it simple a Bluesound Powernode 2I and something like a pair of B&W 606s.

I run these speakers and the node 2i (with a old Cyrus amp) and it sounds great. The Powernode get great reviews.

I also have the older mu-so (now in my bedroom) and loved the sound. Only problem was after a while you miss the wide open soundstage you get with a stereo set up.

As always though audition yourself if possible, no two pairs of ears are the same.

happy Hunting.


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Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks very much for the advice. Based on your responses I researched several alternatives and after a few listening sessions I decided to go for the Mu-so 2. The runner-up was a pair of AE1 active speakers which were very impressive, but I couldn't find a streamer/pre-amp below £500 that offered the same level of detail as the Mu-so.

I thought the idea of a 2nd-hand Uniti was great, by the way, but as this is my first go at dipping my toes with hi-fi I wanted the benefit of a 5+ year guarantee.

Again, big thanks for the input and sorry it took me a while to respond...


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Any update is better then no update simply because it helps other members when they do similar searches. :smashin:
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