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    Okay, sorry if this is the thousand'th post about the same thing but I've spent all of today trawling the forums and getting so much conflicting statements I thought I'd start up my own and see what I get... oh and I wanna buy a new TV :confused:

    I'll be buying the box 360 and more than likely HD SKY when it's out. Im not that big a gamer but probably play it a dozen or so hours a week (live) but I really wanna see some kick a$$ graphics (via HD of course). Other than games, most of my time is spent just watching all sorts on TV/SKY. I've read that LCD's are not very good for normal sat or RF signals (CRT's are better?) but to be honest im not too fussed if HD is around the corner and the picture for normal TV is bearable. Im just really keen to get HD for the 360 (and NO ghosting!).

    I've got a budget of around £700-£1000 and so far a lot points towards the Sam LE32R41B in my price range. For anyone that may have had experience with this, have you done much gaming (in 720p) on it? and did you find ay ghosting/pixel response problems? I've heard of all the known problems but im going on the assumption i'll be lucky and get a working one.

    Im just not sure if this one will cater for all my needs (Im guessing it's 'future proof') but the last thing I want is to buy it and then find my 360 would still look better on a half decent CRT (I HATE ghosting - and I can't be ar$ed waiting on the clearLCD technology thats supposed to be coming out) and my normal TV quality is worse cos it's on a LCD as well.. Is HD really worth all this?

    Thanks ppl, sorry it's so long im just para about spending this sorta money out only to be worse off :rolleyes:

    p.s. I really want a 32" btw

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