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Highland Lass

HI I have just bought a LG 50 rear projection tv and I am looking for a surround sound system, can anyone recomend some? not to expensive and I am not sure between the box type and the stick type...if you know what I mean!


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hello there :)

first question would be what is not too expensive to you? £300, £500, £800, £1,000, £1,500 etc? i ask because to me not too expensive would mean around £1,500, whereas to a student not too expensive would be about £

also what sort of size room is it going in helps to narrow down choices? and is it just for movies, or music too?......answering these questions will make it easier for us to narrow down suggestions for you as there are too many products to list otherwise...heh

i take it by box and stick you mean either conventional big boxy speakers or slender metal finished lifestyle type speakers?

anyhow, answer those questions and myself and others will be happy to offer suggestions :)

Highland Lass

HI Thanks for that I was thinking about £300 and the room is about 6 meters x 5 meters. and I would prefer the lifestyle slender speakers, mainly for watching DVD and Music. I will try to hook it up to my Philips wasc700 and have it in other rooms



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