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Hi...I really Enjoy this Forum and wanted to ask for some input for my upgrade plans.
So far, I have been more focused on HT and less on stereo, but a local dealer has a good price on some B&W 683's (& 684s). I really liked the sound of them (compared to the 684s), but I listened to them without a sub and wasn't sure how run-in they were (compared to the 684'S).
My current setup is composed of 5 VM1s, 2 LM1s (channel 6 & 7) and a newly acquired PV1. I am feeding these with a Denon 3808, PS3 (BD), and an Apple TV.
I am looking to retire the LM1s from the lounge and (at the same time) add some depth to stereo music. My concerns are that if I move to 600 series B&Ws the VM1 center will be the next thing I will have to upgrade. Originally, I went into the shop looking at making the 6 & 7 VM1s as well (making all 7 boxes as VM1s), but...
The sound of the 683s was simply excellent (depth...warmth). So, I suppose I have two questions:

1. If I am using a PV1, what impact would this have on the 683 vs. 684 debate (I have read a lot of the old threads on this, but found nothing talking about the effect a good sub could have on the decision)? In other words, will the PV1 make the extra depth of the 683s disappear (enabling me to save a bit and get the 684s)?

2. Can I really mix and match 600s and VM1s (given that the VM1s would be handling all of the surround channels AND the center)? I suppose the main concern here is the center.

I plan on returning to the shop very soon, but wanted to go armed with your advice.

Cheers & Thanx for any Input...Russell

ps - if anyone thinks I should mix and match non-B&W...I am open to suggestions :thumbsup:.


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Me again...I got impatient and made my purchase...:devil:

I chose the 683s and added an HTM61 as centre...this setup was only 350 EUR more than the 684/62 option and seemed like the way to go.

Now 4 of my VM1s have been put into surround service and the rest of my old kit has been retired. The sound is very satisfying...but I am starting to question the aesthetics and the potential for improvement in the surround area. So, (again) two questions:

1. Would you recommend swapping the four VM1s for two 685s (and then selling my complete VM1/AS1 setup)? Or, what about DS3s???, and
2. I've never bi-amped before, but if I went back down to a traditional 5.1 setup I could (if I understand this correctly) bi-amp the 683s...opinions/suggestions?

Hope these questions elicit responses:lease:


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Apparently a boring thread...but, to wrap things up...I decided to sell the VM1/AS1 kit and go with 684s as rear surrounds.

So, final attempt for input from this community...

If I were to add 6th and 7th channels again...what would you recommend I add to the current setup?

Even if I get no Input (again)...I still enjoy the forum and continue to learn a lot here.


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