Advice - good small speakers, full range



I'm looking to install two speakers in a room in the corners (above picture rail) and they need to be full range (no Sub-woofer avail).

Any advice on choices. The criteria are:

1. smallest form factor preferred
2. work with Opus 500 multi-room (the room in question is subzone)
3. Don't have to be powerful because it's a low power amp.
4. must be wall mount



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The B&W Solid speakers are highly recommended. I don't think they make them anymore but I've seen them on ebay recently.
I was very impressed when I listened to them and they are ideal for wall mounting.



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Have a look at the ProAc Response 1SC. They are a compact size but have amazing detail and range.


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Depends on how small you want to go... Dynaudio Audience 42W are front ported, wall mounted and designed to be installed flat against a wall... but they may be too large still. Sound stunning though!

B&W LM1 seem ok, but aren't a patch on the Dyn's.


Maybe a pair of Mordaunt short 902?
Quite big at a foot tall and 8" deep, but very good and go down to 35 Hz.
You could stick them on brackets, but would have to be positioned at 90 degrees to the wall, as they are rear ported.
Very good though, I was impressed at how low they go.
I doubt any titchy speaker will give you decent full range without a sub, TBH.


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Get a pair of PMC DB1+s, they have a dedicated wall bracket available and sound superb. Anything smaller than that is going to sound very tinny without a subwoofer.


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