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iSo i sighed up to a bulk buy scheme solar together and have just had my phone call that they are coming to do the survey on April 6th.

It occured to me that my roof is 60 years old, so whilst it is in ok shape for now i am going to get it reroofed before the panels go on.

BUT........... this morning i had a thought. i have a 2 storey extension coming out of the south wall of my house o nthe right hand side about 30% of the house width... roof of the extension is a few feet lower than the top of my main roof but there is overlap. I think the main roof will still have enough unobstructed surface to put a row along the top of the roof and then some to the left of my extension but at the same time i do not want to reroof my house only for the solar surveyors to say it isnt worth putting the panels up.

unfortunatley there is little wiggleroom for timing, IF my roof is not finished and ready for the panels to go up by april they wont do the install as they are only in my home town for a tight window (they have well over 1500 installs to get done before summer)

| Main roof |
|Ex |
thanks for any thoughts. (my extension is on the right of my house but the formatting wont show it for some reason
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If the roof of your extension is lower I don't think it can create an obstruction. In the unlikely event that it does, you should probably work out if you would still have sufficient available roof-space for the panels.

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