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Hi Everyone,
Sorry if I have this in the wrong place just looking for some advice..
We moved 2 weeks ago to a semi-detached home next to a noisy family. We found it odd when buying the house that the previous owners had a lot of bookshelves and the TV in a strange location in the lounge and now we know why :( - our neighbours are very loud - the TV, music, chairs moving on the floor, shouting - we can hear it all. The shouting etc I can cope with is the vibrations through the walls and floor from the TV that I have found bothersome.
We have tried to approach them and they shut the door in my husbands face so that hasn't worked for us.
We are very interested in sound proofing and was wandering whether anyone who has had this done, or has plans to have this done could kindly share their experiences :thumbsup:
The party wall divides our kitchen, living room and main bedroom areas and the noise from their TV transfers in to all our rooms.
We do have a chimney breast in our lounge with a dual fuel log burner - I realise this may complicate the issue further when it comes to noise avoidance and any help or advice on particularly the chimney area would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading :hiya:

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Get in touch with our partner company for some advice. They specialise in this kind of situation. Tell them I have told you to contact them. Speak to Mike.

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