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Someone from another forum suggested this place for help so thought i'd try:

I'm looking to buy a sound system for gaming and films but wanted a little more before i committed to the one i put down:

Logitech Z5500 Digital PC Multimedia Home Theatre: Electronics & Photo

I'm not technology intelligent, so aren't sure what is needed to know before you can buy the right sound system, i'll post all the information, even if it isn't needed below:
For 360 and PS3
If it can also work for a desktop computer in the same way that would be great

My price range is 300£ but i will go 50-100 higher if the person who recommends one thinks it is worth that extra bit more.


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Hi cfhussain, Welcome to the forums.

Sorry to push you towards the search facility, but there has been a lot of discussions on this system already, so all your questions will no doubt has been answered before.

To get you started though I have this system and it's great with a PC for gaming and watching movies, not bad for music either, but it does lack a bit of mid range.

I'd say for home cinema in your lounge and for £300 or £400 there are better systems available some of which have been advised in other Z5500 threads.

If you can't find the threads post back on here and I'm sure someone (if not me) will help you.


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I've decided i'd be better of seeking advice from someone face to face. I know what i'm after, i have a decent budget, so i just need to make sure what i buy is going to work and be good quality.

Thanks for the help tho

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