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Some advice please :)
We have just renovated the house and I now have an open plan kitchen, dining and tv area.

I have been looking around for a tv and finally decided against a Sony af9 55 and gone with the LG c8.

In the rest of the house I have Sonos quite a bit of sonos kit, which I like.

However when building the new extension I have left speaker wires so I can build a new 7.1 atmos system which will also double up as a music system.

The tv is on a false wall so I could house some in wall left/right and center speakers.

I have another two smaller spaces to house some in wall speakers either side of the space and then two more spaces directly above my sofa to house the rear speakers.

I have also wired another four speakers in the other parts of the room that I am hoping will be for music.

I generally use my tv for sport, filmsNetflix and sky Q

I use Spotify to listen to music but might upgrade to Tidal if the music system is upgraded.

I am hoping to spend around £2500 but could stretch a little more over time as I build it.

So my questions are:

Would I just need a av receiver? Or would another amp for my music be better? Recommendations for Av recievers?

Would a Sonos amp work in conjunction with the Av receiver and my existing Sonos? If so, what would be the benefits?

What type of speakers would be best for the different areas? Bearing in mind I also want to use the system to also play music.

Is there a particular set of speakers you would recommend?

Sorry for all the questions but all advice is very much appreciated


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For the sonos you could use the sonos connect. This connects to the av receiver like a CD player or similar would, then output the sound through the speakers. The sonos amp connects directly to the speakers.

Edit - you said you have wiring for another 4 speakers. You could connect these to a sonos amp if they are dedicated to music and won’t be connected to the receiver.

With the sonos connect on the receiver, and then the connect amp on the dedicated speakers you get 2 sonos zones running.

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7.1 System - will require a suitable AVR, In-wall speaker system plus a Subwoofer.

SONOS - you will use a CONNECT hooked to the AVR to play Music via the system, the AVR will allow you to configure Music Playback as 2.0, 2.1 or All Speaker mode.


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