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We have moved into a house with an old HD-SDI CCTV system, and at its heart is a Heitel Camdisc 10 DVR. Trouble is the hard drive is faulty. I have also been advised that the previous owner put in a new hard drive but that it became faulty after around 6 months, so am hesitant to just replace the hard drive.

The Heitel is hooked up with alarm inputs and BNC video in cables, and has remote monitoring set up. My options appear to be as follows:
1) order a replacement hard drive (I believe these need to be programmed for Heitel units and haven't found any way of doing so myself)
2) use the BNC video out ports on the Heitel to attach a separate recorder and leave the alarm inputs in place, so remote monitoring can continue as is
3) replace the entire system with a modern one (one store reckoned this would be cost effective, but of course that could have been self serving!)

I'd like a bit of advice with #2 if anyone is familiar with the way HD-SDI works. I am not really familiar with CCTV tech and my question is whether I would need to find an HD-SDI DVR to add on, or if any modern DVR would do the job. I'm wondering if the Heitel is passing through the SDI signal or if it converts it in any way to something that a modern analogue device would be able to receive. Apologies if this sounds daft, I am no doubt just revealing my ignorance of CCTV formats. All I know is that HD-SDI is not supported by most modern devices apart from some very costly DVRs, so if I go down option 2 I suspect I would want to find a second hand SDI DVR.

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