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Greetings to all in this forum.

I am new here. My name is Angel.I would like to ask for an advice how to build my first HiFi system and will give some detaisl about what I prefer (or think I prefer)
I live in Finland and will buy all from here, so the currency is euro. I want to buy a stereo amp ( not necessary to have a radio, connection to the TV is a bonus, but also not necessary), respectively a CD player (my sourse is original CDs, have many mp3, but the quality is not it should be), and of cource a pair of speakers (and cables and etc.)
Lets say I am ready to spend about 1000-1200 euros.
I went through the threads in this forum, read some reviews and can share what is in my mind for now.

Onkyo TX-8020, musta

Onkyo A-9010
Pioneer SX-20
Yamaha A-S301

CD players:

Onkyo C-7030
Yamaha CD-S300

Wharfedale Diamond 122
Wharfedale Diamond 220

There are some offers (at this moment) like:


Wharfedale Diamond 122 + Harman kardon HK 3770
but the last one I am not sure what CD will match.

For now is better bookshelf-speakers, because of my job, I need to move for some reasons in 5-6 months.
I apreciate each and every advice and thank you for your time
Greetings from Finland


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If you are trying to maximize your money, The Diamond 122 and the HK-3770 are a good deal. The HK-3770 is very high value, tons of power, 120w/ch, Bluetooth, Networking, Digital Inputs, etc...

Slightly more expensive, but with less power and features, consider the Yamaha RN500, which also has Network Streaming, 80w/ch, Digital Inputs, etc...

The price for the Yamaha RN500 at one of the links you provides was €378 or €429 depending on the color (Black or Silver).

The standard price on the Harman Kardon HK3770 at the source you provided is €449. So, while the Yamaha have a bit less power and fewer features, they are also lowest cost.

Yamaha R-N500, musta - Toimitus 0€ - HIFIKULMA

Yamaha R-N500, hopea - Toimitus 0€ - HIFIKULMA

Harman/kardon HK 3770 -Toimitus 0€- HIFIKULMA

Both the HK3770 and the RN500 are high-value. The RN500 is probably better build quality with more metal and less plastic. But in the past, people who have had Harman Kardon have generally be very pleased for the modest amount of money.

If you want bookshelf speakers, the Diamond 122 are a good choice. A bit larger but with deeper bass, bass as low as 40hz, which is pretty good.

In a basic amp with Digital Inputs, the Yamaha AS501 has 85w/ch with DAC and Digital Inputs, priced at €398 -

Yamaha A-S501 Vahvistin - Toimitus 0€ - HIFIKULMA

Probably a better choice than the Yamaha AS301.

In terms of CD Players, that's simply a matter of choice. The Yamaha should be fine, and is a bit less than the Onkyo.


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