Advice for classic NAD 3120


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Hi all,

just wanted some advice for this old NAD that i picked up. i'm using it with a project debut III as the source and, more importantly, a pair of Acoustic Energy Aelite II's, the impedance of which are 6 ohms. given that there is a switch at the back of the NAD to change from speakers of 4 and 8 ohm impedance, which should i set it to? does it make any difference? will either offer me any discernible difference in performance?

thanks in advance. any other tips for optimising this setup would be appreciated


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I suggest you try both. So long as you don't go silly with the volume control you should be fine. The NAD amps of that era had a good reputation with difficult loads. I think it'll be a case of trying it out to see which sounds best. One word of caution though, it may be best to switch off the amp (and allow it to fully power down) before you use the switch.

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