Advice for a new TV please!!


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Hi. I am in the market to upgrade my current 4 year old 26" samsung hdtv and was wanting to upgrade tp a 40/42 incher but cant seem to nail down a good review for any TV without being put off by bad press and blogs from users. I had my heart set on a Panasonic P42V20 but now im not so sure. Is it a lot better than the G20 for the price or should i set my sights on something else????
I would be using it mainly for Sky HD and Blu-Ray but would occasionally play X-Box 360 games also. My current blu-ray player is a Sony BD370 which i cant see me upgrading as i have just bought it and i am very happy with it.
Please help, cheers!! Craggerz.
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Wow! If I was in your shoes, I would definitely get the P42V20. It is an awesome TV because that's what I was eying at the shop just today. Funny enough, I ended up getting the P50U20. It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow so I can let you know how that is.

Best of luck. :)
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