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Ok, a friend of mine has an ancient old Sony phone, it works but its fit for the bin really, been on o2 for many years and is happy with them as he gets a good reception where he lives slightly out in the country.

So, he wants to move up to an iPhone 4S as he wants the GPS function, as he wants to download apps for countryside walks etc etc that sort of stuff.

But, he is struggling to decide what to do.

He uses around 100 mins per month plus texts, but is obviously unsure of data usage.

He stays away occasionally with work and uses his laptop with a dongle paid for seperate, so I suggested that with the iphone he could tether to save having to pay for two devices.

So, ideally am looking for a contract that will allow him to tether an iphone and ideally is on o2?

Anyone got any ideas what would suit him??

Thanks in advance, James.


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There are a variety of such apps for walking/hiking/trekking etc etc. Download the map pack(s) on home broadband onto your phone and turn off data when out and about. GPS for real-time based location tracking does not use internet. You would only end up using data if downloading maps on the fly. Just ensure to prepare and download maps ahead. That should mean can switch off data when out

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If he gets a full 3G reception on o2, just get him on GiffGaff mate. If you yourself have a latest smartphone, why not try his sim in your phone to see what kind of reception he gets? This will be a good indication as to which network to choose.

If o2 have a full 3G/ HSPA reception, then I would recommend GiffGaff, as they operate over the o2 network, and are owned by o2, with their £10 a month goodybags, he will get 250 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited texts.

If he can afford a phone sim free, this will work out perfectly, get an Android phone like either a Samsung GS2 (£200-250 range) or the new S3 which is around the £350 mark online the forums. Depends on how much he wants to spend.

With Google navigation and maps, he will find it simple to use. It saves money by not having to have sat nav apps like Co-Pilot live and tom tom.

I would always advise on Android powered phones, because it's more simple, works brilliantly on both the phone front and the range of apps, customisation options, plus it won't give problems like reception issues, call dropouts and other annoyances like having to use iTunes for music management.

MapMyRide (biking) and MapMyRun ( Running/ walking/ jogging) are two fantastic apps when it comes to health and fitness.

I hope this helps.


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