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Sep 17, 2000
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OK I'm putting this request in a couple of diferent sections to cover all bases!

Basically my friend is after the following and has a budget of £2000......

DVD player
Speaker package

Now I've only really got as far as the amp/receiver option and was thinking along the lines on a Denon 1802 or 2802.

If anyone could give some options or input into this I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance :)
On that budget I'd look at amps slightly cheaper, remember you've got a 28" widescreen, decent DVD source and perhaps most importantly speakers to buy as well.

If it has to be a 6.1 amp you've got Pioneer's 811(£330), Sony's 1080 (£350) or a Marantz 5200 (£340ish) also you could look out for last year's models (some of the big manufacturers seem to have introduced a new line up recently).

to spend the rest of the £2000 (say £1650 left) i'd go for a Sony KV28LS35s TV (£500, just got one myself and I love it), a good DVD player like the brand new Pioneer 656, amazing machine (£330, but Eric is launching a power buy) and that leaves £850 for the speakers, at that price you could go for the tried and tested Kef Eggs (heard them today and not a huge fan) and get some change or be a bit more exotic with the JMlab/Focal Sib and Cub sat/sub set-up (£850), heard some very good things about these and was looking at getting them before the Gallos took over my life!

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the options mate.

The set-up is actually for my sister in law's sister and I don't think she'll be too bothered about getting the most features and connections etc...

I was asked if I could find out what she could/should get for the money..... I have Denon 3802 and would definitely recommend a 2802 for her and maybe a bigger TV (I was thinking a Sony 32"). What do you reckon to those options? Maybe a the Mission Six Pack or do you think they're a little on the cheap size for this set-up/budget?

Thanks again - any more comments?
I think the missions are £400ish aren't they... that would certainly allow you to go for a Sony 32" at anything up to £950. You're on your own picking a TV though... it took me months of searching through the CRT TV forum to find a set without problems... tread carefully.

2802 with the missions should certainly sound impressive... I loved my first set of Missions... until I heard speakers that made them sound as though they had been wrapped in cotton wool. Bloody Eric's fault.:D

Would certainly recommend the 656 though, cracking DVD player.
Originally posted by tee
OK I'm putting this request in a couple of diferent sections to cover all bases!
From forum rules,
Please post your question once only. Even if you think it is relevant in several forums, you should pick the most relevant and post it there. Your question will be seen by lots of people wherever you post it. Duplicate posts swamp the forums and will most likely get deleted.
James's advice is spot-on. For (careful now Nobber) people who are less critical about sound vs picture like sister's in law (;) ) spend more of your budget on what they see (32'' & good DVD) and less on amp and speakers. Unless you are gonna spend lots of time tweaking speakers for them and she probably does have WAF issues, then a big telly is gonna impress her most. Which model? I give up.....sorry.

In my experience, MOST (see, I am not being a full-on sexist) women look to the picture before the sound.......(Nobber runs and hides somewhere dark:blush: ), but I still stand by what I say:cool:
Thanks for the replies :)

That is my point entirely - someone like my sister in law's sister will be more bothered about the TV picture quality and DVD than the speakers and amp/receiver. As long as I make sure she's getting good equipment in those areas and deliver a nice looking 32" Sony TV, I think we'll all be happy.

At the moment, something like the following is looking good:

Sony 32" (not sure which yet, but I have a 32PWFX20S and love it)
Pioneer 656
Mission Six-Pack
Denon 2802

Does anyone have any more to add on my choices or any alternatives??

Thanks again

lynx - sorry mate I didn't realise
Hi M8,

Look out for the 100hz Sony WEGA's KV32FX65 or 66 (better picture quality than the 50hz sets, and these sets don't have any Dolby Pro-logic or DD built in so not paying extra for it). Should be able to pick up last years models for under a grand with stand (about 900-950), and a further 150 less without stand.

Cheers for that Joust, that''' probably be just what I'll recommend :)

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